I’ve also compiled a list of the most 20 popular Excel shortcuts below. This is a tricky business, because people often don’t know what to call shortcuts, or how to refer to them. So I’ve had to “interpret” many of the shortcuts peopled named. That said, the patterns are clear, and the best shortcuts naturally bubbled up again and again. It’s a great list. Dave

Survey Results 

People think Excel Shortcuts are important

99% said Excel shortcuts are important, very important, or critical. Wow. Although people who take a shortcut survey are naturally interested in shortcuts, this is surprising!

Most people don’t know many Excel shortcuts

There are over 200 shortcuts in Excel (over 400, if you count both Windows and Mac). How many do people think they know? 26% know 10 or less 61% know between 10 and 50 10% know between 50 and 100 I made a mistake with this question – I should have asked about 10-20. My guess is about half of the 61% above are in that range.

Top 5 reasons for learning Excel Shortcuts

I actually think the last item has the most overall “punch”, since shortcuts can teach you how to solve complex problems with very elegant solutions that take advantage of Excel’s most powerful features. For example, rather than use a shortcut 100 times to do the same thing (quickly) on a large set of data, you might be able to complete all the work in just a few steps. Examples here, and here.

People have been using Excel for a long time

20% have been using Excel for between 3 and 5 years 73% have been using Excel for more than 5 years 52% have been using Excel for more than 10 years

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