MVP is an award that is given by Microsoft to individuals that share the passion for its technology (Excel in my case), and who actively share their knowledge with the broader community. This could be via blogs, forums, social media, etc.. This is awarded for 12 months and is assessed every year and re-awarded if the guidelines are met. Read more about Microsoft’s MVP program. It has been 13 months since I started Trump Excel, and this is a great encouragement to keep on learning and sharing excel tips. I feel really honored to join the ranks of Excel MVPs who have done amazing work to help people in Excel. And above all, this is a validation that I am going in the right direction. I seem to have hit this gold mine early (only a figure of speech, as an MVP award, does not come with any monetary benefits), and I am committed to continuing to learn and share tips on Excel. Every day I learn something new in Excel, and the credit goes to some amazing people and resources. Here is a top of the mind list:

My Blog Subscribers and Readers – You are my primary source of inspiration and ideas. Most of my blog posts are inspired by the queries that I receive via email or comments Excel-lent Websites & Forums Chandoo – This guy has brought glamour to Excel. His blog is full of innovative ideas and I have learned a lot of cool tricks from him. Contextures – An amazing blog by Debra Dalgleish (especially love her work on validation drop down lists). Mr. Excel Forum – If you can’t find an answer here, maybe there is no answer. The best forum I have come across for excel discussions. My Online Training Hub – A great website by Mynda Treacy. Her posts are simple and useful. ExcelisFun Youtube Channel – Mike Grivin is a formula wizard, and there is no one who can teach you better. Excel Bible – A must-have book by John Walkenbach. I have read 2010 and 2013, and they are always there on my desk for reference.

I hope the work I do is helping you get better in Excel 🙂