The goal of this formula is to return “size” when given an animal and a weight. Note: this is an array formula and must be entered with Control + Shift + Enter, except in Excel 365. This snippet tests the values in B5:B10 to see if they match the value in G6 (the animal). Where there is a match, the corresponding values in C5:C11 are returned. If there is no match FALSE is returned. When G6 contains “cat”, the resulting array looks like this: This array is delivered directly to the MATCH function as the lookup_array. The lookup value for match comes from G7, which contains the weight (9 lbs in the example). Note that match is configured for approximate match by setting match_type to 1, and this requires that the values in C5:C11 must be sorted. MATCH returns the position of the weight in the array, and this is passed to the INDEX function as the row number. The lookup_array for INDEX are the sizes in D5:D10, so INDEX returns a size corresponding to the position generated by MATCH (the number 4 in the example shown).

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