Before I come to this month’s template, I have a favour to ask. If you have any ideas for Excel Templates, do share it with me (email me or leave a comment below). It will help me create stuff that is useful for you and my other readers. Also, if you are already using a template, and would like to share it with others (and get yourself featured on my blog), just email me or leave a comment below. Now, here is the Excel Template Of The Month – A Calendar Integrated with a To Do List In December last year, I was working on creating a calendar template, but things got busy and it fell through the cracks. I picked it up again a few days ago. And this time, I got a bit aspirational and started working on a calendar template that has a to-do list integrated with it (a standalone calendar in Excel wasn’t making much sense to me). With a bit of VBA and Excel Functions, I have finally created something that I think is worth sharing. Click here to download the template Here is how the template works:

Change month/year with a click.

When you double-click on any of the dates in the selected month, it opens the Enter Task input box. Enter the task and click ok (or hit enter). Two things happen when you add a task: The date for which the task has been entered turns blue. The task for that date gets recorded in a separate worksheet.

You can enter multiple tasks for different dates or the same date (I have written the VBA code to record up to 1000 tasks). To get a list of all the tasks in a month, click on the Show Monthly Tasks List button.

All the tasks are recorded in the back-end (in the comments tab). You can delete the tasks when it is done, and it will stop getting reflected in the calendar.

Click here to download the template How is it? Do you like it / hate it? I would love to know what you think. Is there an Excel Template you wish existed? if yes, let me know, and you may just get it 🙂 Other Excel Templates You May Find Useful:

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would you share me the template please? regards, I am unable to download . Would you please provide me the template. kind regards, I am unable to download your template. Would you be able to provide a lead towards the coding? Thanks! Try this: Open MS Excel, then drag this file and drop it on the open excel workbook. I have been facing the same issue with 2013, and this trick works for me. This contains macro, so you will have to enable it I would like to submit the Personal Finance Manager Excel template for your consideration. It’s free to download. If you think it’s worth sharing with your readers, please do. Thanks for considering. Best wishes.