In this blog post, I will show you a super way to create a dynamic target line in an Excel chart, that can help you track your performance over the months. Something as shown below: The target line is controlled by the scroll bar, and as if the target is met (or exceeded) in any of the months, it gets highlighted in green.

Creating a Dynamic Target Line in Excel Bar Chart

There are 3 parts to this chart: The Bar Chart I have data as shown below:

Cells B2:B13 has all the values while C2:C13 only shows a value if it exceeds the target value (in cell F2). If the value is lower than the target value, it shows #N/A. Now we need to plot these values in a cluster chart  The Target Line Here let me show you a smart way to create a target line using error bars The Scroll Bar That’s it!! Now when you move the scroll bar and change the target values, the bars that meet the target will automatically get highlighted in a different color. Try it yourself.. Download the file

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your are the best, God protect you brother That’s really awesome but How can i do it in Excel 2010. Thanks, Mahesh Great question, and I’m certain if you follow the instructions in the video, it should work well for you as it does for me, and I’m working on a Mac(Excel 2011) which has less capability than Excel 2010 for Windows. I hoped that answered your question Regards, Dane Nice post sumit…. Regards, pAvi