The formulas below use the CONVERT function to convert yards to meters, Celsius to Fahrenheit, gallons to liters, and square meters to square yards:

Measurement units

The tables below show the units available to the CONVERT function in each category. In all cases, Unit can be used for either from_unit or to_unit in the same category. Note: the CONVERT function is case-sensitive. Metric prefixes The prefixes shown in the table below can be used with metric units by prepending the abbreviation to the unit. Binary prefixes The binary unit prefixes below can be used with “bits” and “bytes”. 


The CONVERT function is case-sensitive. CONVERT will return the #N/A error when a unit string is not recognized. CONVERT will return the #N/A error when units are not compatible. CONVERT will return the #VALUE! error when a number is not valid. A number of measurement units were added to CONVERT in Excel 2013.

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