The COUNT function counts numeric values and ignores text values: Typically, the COUNT function is used on a range. For example, to count numeric values in the range A1:A10: In the example shown, COUNT is set up to count numbers in the range B5:B15: COUNT returns 6, since there are 6 numeric values in the range B5:B15. Text values and blank cells are ignored. Note that dates and times are numbers, and therefore included in the count. The COUNTA function works like the COUNT function, but COUNTA includes numbers and text in the count.

Functions for counting

To count numbers only, use the COUNT function. To count numbers and text, use the COUNTA function. To count with one condition, use the COUNTIF function To count with multiple conditions, use the COUNTIFS function. To count empty cells, use the COUNTBLANK function.


COUNT can handle up to 255 arguments. COUNT ignores the logical values TRUE and FALSE. COUNT ignores text values and empty cells.

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