In 2010, my roommate got me addicted to watching football. We would keenly follow all the matches in English Premier League and La Liga. I even played fantasy football with a couple of football junkies. I still follow these matches and I still suck at playing it. 🙂 But I am better at making dashboards, and in this tutorial, I will show you how to create an Excel Dashboard that analyses English Premier League games of the 2014-2015 season. Here is how the final dashboard looks like:

Excel Dashboard – EPL Season 2014-15 Visualized

How to use this Excel Dashboard:

Use Scroll bar to change the week number. Note that as you change the week number, it shows the games played it that selected week and the ranking of the teams at the end of the week. Double click on the game result cells to get the detail for the game. As soon as you double click on the cells that have the game results, the match statistics update along with the logo of the clubs. It also shows the total win/loss numbers of both the teams for the entire season. For example, if I double-click on a game of Chelsea, it would show only 3 lost games for Chelsea (in the red color bar in the win/loss chart). Click on the help icon to show instructions. Click on it again to hide the instructions.

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Where did the data come from?

I got all the data from It has similar data for other leagues and competitions. I got the logos from Wikipedia.

What all goes into making this dashboard?

Scroll bar to change week number. Excel Functions – INDEX | MATCH | SUMPRODUCT | ROWS | IFERROR Excel Table and structured references (a must for data-driven dashboards). Named Ranges (this dashboard uses Picture Lookup technique to display the relevant icon on user selection). A little bit of VBA.

Are you a football fan too? Do you like it? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment. Download the Premier League Excel Dashboard Other Excel Dashboard Tutorials:

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  1. Update game stats when you double click on the game (from the list on the left) 2. Show/Hide help when you click on the orange icon on the top right