Early this week, I was going through our annual holiday calendar to check for the next holiday, and plan a vacation if possible. And that gave me the idea for this Excel holiday calendar template. In this tutorial, I will show you how to calculate the date of a given holiday (such as Labor Day). And you can also get an awesome Excel holiday list template (free download) at the end of this blog. Click here to download the template

Formula to Calculate Holidays in Excel (Labor Day)

Here is the formula to get the date for Labor Day in 2022 (which is the 1st Monday in September) It returns the date as 04 September 2023, which is the date of labor day in 2023. This formula can easily be tweaked to get the date of holidays that fall on a given weekday of the month (such as President’s Day or Memorial Day).

How the Formula Works

Since we know that Labor day is the 1st Monday of September, we start with the first of September 2023. The following formula would give us the serial number of September 1, 2023: Now we need to check whether the first day of September is a Monday or not. We do this using the following condition in the IF function: WEEKDAY function gives a number based on what day of the week it is. Since I have used 2 as the second argument, it would return 1 for Monday, 2 for Tuesday, 3 for Wednesday, and so on. If 1st day of September is not a Monday, the above IF condition would be TRUE and it would return the value given by the following part of the formula: The above part simply subtracts the weekday number from 7 and adds 1, hence giving us the value that we should add to September 1, 2023, to get the first Monday. And in case September 1, 2023, is a Monday, the following formula makes sure that the result of IF function is 0: Below is an infographic that shows the same explanation (created using 2014 instead of 2023).

Along similar lines, if you need to calculate other holidays. For example, the Presidents’ Day, which is held on the third Monday in February, can be calculated using the below formula: In the above formula, B2 refers to the year value.


Here is a FREE Excel Holiday Calendar template that gives you:

The list of holidays (in the selected year). The number of days to go for the next holiday (number in the blue box). This works only for the current year. The number of days to go for the next long weekend (number in the gray box). This works only for the current year.

All you need to do is select the year from the drop-down and it will automatically show you the list of holidays in the selected year.

I have created this for the holidays in the US, as it occurs on fixed dates or days in a month. In India (where I live), many holidays depend on the position of the moon (and many other factors), and hence it’s difficult to come up with such a holiday template. Download Excel Holiday Calendar Template Excel Functions used to create this holiday calendar template: –> WEEKDAY | DATE | IF. If you’re interested in learning how this holiday calendar template is created, you can unhide columns H-J in the template sheet and see the formulas. You can also unhide Sheet1, where I have kept data used for the year drop-down.

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This is really excellent task but could you please share the video of this task so that I can understand more as I have tried a lot but still unable to understand. =DATE(A2,2,1)+IF(WEEKDAY(DATE(A2,2,1),2)>1,7-WEEKDAY(DATE(A2,2,1),2)+1,1-WEEKDAY(DATE(A2,2,1),2))+((3-1)*7) At the end why r u substracting the (3-1) and multiply from 7 no idea. Many thanks! Choi