The formula in D5 returns a 3 x 3 unit matrix : With 3 given for dimension, the MUNIT function returns a 3 by 3 array like this: The formula in J5 returns a 5 x 5 unit matrix.  With 5 given for dimension, the MUNIT function returns a 5 by 5 array like this:

Array syntax

The MUNIT function returns an array of values. In Excel 365, where dynamic arrays are native, you can use the MUNIT function without any special handling – MUNIT will return an array of values that spill directly into cells in the worksheet. In versions of Excel prior to Excel 365, you need to enter MUNIT enter as a multi-cell array formula to display results directly on the worksheet. To do this, make a selection of the right size, and enter MUNIT with control + shift + enter.


Dimension must be greater than zero. If dimension is zero or less than zero, MUNIT will return the #VALUE error. A unit matrix is also called an identity matrix.

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