To use PERCENTILE.INC, provide a range of values and a number between 0 and 1 for the “k” argument, which represents percent. For example: You can also specify k as a percent using the % character: PERCENTILE.INC returns a value greater than or equal to the specified percentile. In the example shown, the formula in G5 is: where “scores” is the named range C5:C14.


PERCENTILE.INC includes the full range of 0 to 1 as valid k values, compared to PERCENTILE.EXC which excludes percentages below 1/(N+1) and above N/(N+1).

Note: Microsoft classifies PERCENTILE as a “compatibility function”, now replaced by the PERCENTILE.INC function.


k can be provided as a decimal (.5) or a percentage (50%) k must be between 0 and 1, otherwise PERCENTILE.INC will return the #NUM! error. When percentiles fall between values, PERCENTILE.INC will interpolate and return an intermediate value.

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