What it Returns

It returns a value between 0 and 59 depending on the time value used as the input.



Input Arguments

serial_number: the value that contains the time for which the seconds value needs to be determined.

Additional Notes

The argument can be provided in different formats:

As a serial number: The integer part of the serial number represents the date, while the decimal portion of it represents time (remember excel stores date and time as serial numbers). If you provide 41640.7813657407 as the serial number, it would return 10 (as the decimal portion 0.7813657407 represents 18 hours, 45 minutes, and 10 seconds). As text: =SECOND(“41640.7813657407”) would return 10.As a result of some other formula. For example, =SECOND(TIMEVALUE(“6:45:10 PM”)) would return 10.

Excel SECOND Function – Live Example

Excel SECOND Function – Video Tutorial

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