The WEEKNUM function accepts two arguments, serial_num and return_type. The serial_num argument must have a valid Excel date. The return_type argument controls what day of the week begins a new week number. Return_type is optional and defaults to 1, which sets new week numbers to start on Sunday. When return_type is set to 2, week numbers begin on Monday.  With a return_type of 1-17, week number 1 in a given year is assigned to the week that contains January 1. With return_type 21, week 1 is the week containing the first Thursday of the year, following ISO 8601. The table below summarizes return_type options.

Example #1 - basic usage

The formulas below return the week number for the last day of 2020 and the first day of 2021:

Example #2 - return type

The return_type argument controls what day of week begins a new week number. By default, return_type is 1, and numbers increment on Sunday. When return_type is provided as 2, week numbers begin on Monday. For example, January 3, 2021 is a Sunday and, WEEKNUM will return 2, since new numbers start on Sundays: However, when return_type is set to 2, WEEKNUM will return 1 and start week 2 on Monday: Note: the examples above show dates as text values for readability, but working native Excel dates is more reliable. To create a date from scratch in a formula, use the DATE function.

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