The Formula Bar is where data or formulas you enter into a worksheet appear for the active cell. The Formula Bar can also be used to edit data or formula in the active cell.  

  The active cell displays the results of its formula while we see the formula itself in the Formula Bar.  

Expanding Or Contracting The Formula Bar


  The Formula Bar can be expanded either vertically or horizontally depending on your needs.  

  You can also hide the Formula Bar entirely by going to the View tab and uncheck the Formula Bar option.  

Entering And Editing Data In The Formula Bar


  Enter data into any cell.   The process for entering a formula is the same except all formulas need to start with “=” (without the quotation marks). To edit any data and formula in any cell, select the cell and either click into the Formula Bar or press F2 to enter editing mode.  

The Insert Function Dialog Box

  If you’re not familiar with what functions Excel offers, then the Insert Function dialog box is a great way to learn what functions are available, what they do and how to use them.  

  Insert Function dialog box.  

  Function Arguments dialog box.

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