The idea is to enter a new weight each day, and calculate the difference from the previous day. When every day has an entry, the formula is straightforward:

The difference is calculated with a formula like this, entered in D6, and copied down the table: However, when one or more days are missed, things go awry, and the calculated result doesn’t make sense:

No, you did not gain 157 pounds in one day The problem is the formula uses the blank cell in the calculation, which evaluates to zero. What we need is a way to locate and use the last weight recorded in column C.

The challenge

What formula will calculate a difference from the last entry, even when days have been skipped?

Desired result - difference using last previous entry


Note: one obvious path is to use a Nested IF formula. I would discourage this, since it won’t scale well to handle an unknown number of consecutive blank entries. Got a solution? Leave a comment with your proposed formula below. I hacked together a formula myself, and I’ll share my solution after I give the smart readers of Exceljet some time to submit their own formulas.

Extra credit

Looking for more challenge? Here’s the same result, with a custom number format applied. What’s the number format? Hint: I swiped this from Mike Alexander on his now defunct Bacon Bits blog.

The mechanics of LOOKUP for this kind of problem are explained in this example. Author

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