Using my substandard secondary skills, I was somehow able to find enough data points to create an awesome Excel dashboard. There are many wonderful people/forums/wikis that helped me compile this dataset (credits at the end). Here is how the final Dashboard looks like:

Give me the Dashboard right away (~17 MB) Learn to Create World Class Dashboards in Excel. Join the Excel Dashboard Course. Data Points used to create this dashboard:

How many characters are Dead vs. Alive How many Dead vs. Alive in prominent families (such as Baratheon, Lannister) Major characters with their total screen time, dead or alive status, and the person’s name who portrayed the character Episode titles with rating and viewership (and the functionality to sort based on it) Character’s Profile – picture, allegiance, and how he/she died (if dead)

What Excel Stuff makes this dashboard?

Scroll bar to go through the list of characters. Radio button to sort the data. Check Boxes to show selected data only. Picture Look-up technique. VBA to get the profile when double-clicking on character’s name. Some back-end Excel functions to make it all work.

Use check-boxes to get the list of characters with screen time, status, and the name of the person portraying the character (in the selected season(s)). Double Click on characters name to get the profile, which shows character’s picture, allegiance, and how the character died (if he/she did). Use radio buttons to sort the episode list based on episode number, rating, or viewership.

Go ahead, download this dashboard (~17 MB) and let me know your thoughts, comments, feedback…

This was the hard part. I have used multiple sources to collate the data.

Screen time – Posted in a forum by a user “Sellsword”. Character data and Images – From Game of Thrones Wiki. Episode Data – IMDB. Images for Dead/Alive – BandCollectables website.

If you would like to learn how to make this dashboard, let me know in the comments sections. If there is a good response, I am willing to put in the time and effort to create a video tutorial on how to create such a dashboard and share it with you all (for FREE of course) And remember – Winter is Coming!!! Note: I have tried my best to ensure that the data is accurate. If you find any errors, do let me know. Also, this dashboard is made with the data available for first the 4 seasons. UPDATE: I got 120+ requests for the video via comments/mail/social media. So here is the full-length video tutorial on how to create this Game of Thrones dashboard in Excel.

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Again thank you a lot for this. Regards, Anil Jangra Gr8 job I have tried to stay away from form controls as my previous experiences have not been great. It didn’t work the same way in different Excel versions. The scroll bar would just not stop scrolling. etc. 🙂 But after seeing your implementation, I want to try to use them again. I will do so in my next template. Thanks again.