Where B6 contains the date Friday, January 16, 2015, and 2 represents Monday, the “dow”. The result is Monday, January 9, 2015. To get a different day of week, use a different value for “dow” in the formula. With default settings, the WEEKDAY function uses a scheme where Sunday =1, Monday=2, Tuesday=3, Wednesday=4, Thursday=5, Friday=6, and Saturday=7. To find the next day of week, this formula first rolls the date forward by 7 days, then steps back to the correct date by subtracting the result of a calculation that uses the WEEKDAY function. In the example shown the formulas in row 6 are as follows: In the first formula (C6), the number 7 (at the end) represents Saturday. In the second formula (D6), the number is 2, for Monday. In D6, the formula is solved like this: Note: when the given date is already the desired day of week, the original date will be returned.

Next day of week from today

To get the next day of week from the current date, you can use the TODAY function, like so:

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