How can you make one chart look like another? You have several options. One option is to copy formatting, and use Paste Special. For example, let’s say we want the chart on the right to look like the chart on the left. First, select the chart on the left and copy. Next, navigate to the home tab of the ribbon and, under the Paste menu, select Paste Special. Then choose Formats. Excel will apply formatting from the original chart. Let’s take a moment to study to review the formatting applied. First, the font color and size is applied to the entire chart. In this case, this affects the chart title, the legend, the vertical and horizontal axes, and the data labels. In the case of data labels, the custom number format in the first chart was also applied in the same way, and the “linked to source” option was disabled. Colors were also copied. Both charts now use the same monochromatic blue palette. The copy paste operation also affected the position of elements in the chart. The legend started out on the bottom, but was moved to the top under the title, just like the original. Finally, the chart type was also changed. Before copying formats, the chart on the right was a regular stacked column chart. Now it’s a 100% stacked column chart, just like the original. One thing that was not copied is the chart size. If needed, you’ll need to adjust chart sizes manually to match. Another way to make one chart look like another is to use a chart template. We’ll look at that option in a separate video.

Dave Bruns

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