Gantt Chart is a simple yet powerful project management tool that can be used for creating a schedule or tracking the progress. Let’s say Bruce Wayne (Batman) wants a new Batsuit and instructs Alfred (the butler and his confidante) to get it made. Alfred, who is an avid project management student, comes up with a simple Gantt Chart in Excel to get the plan ready. And this is what he shows Mr. Wayne when asked for a status report:

Follow Along.. Download the Example File

Creating a Gantt Chart in Excel

Here are the steps to quickly create this Gantt Chart in Excel: Gantt Chart is so powerful, even Batman uses it 🙂 Try it Yourself.. Download the Example File I would love to learn from you. Let me know how you use Gantt Chart and/or other project management tools. Leave your footprints in the comments section below!

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If you dont mind, please also teach us tutorial on how to create these kind of gantt chart: Thanks, Stuart If you have any ideas, do share with me 🙂