To use the fill handle to enter data following a custom pattern, start the pattern by entering data in at least two cells. Then, select those cells, and drag the fill handle to repeat the pattern. Let’s take a look. To use the fill handle to enter a regular series of numbers, enter the first two numbers, select both cells, and then drag the fill handle. We can use the same approach to enter a list of odd numbers, to count by eights, or, to count by any repeatable sequence of numbers. The fill handle works in both directions. When we drag up, it repeats the pattern backwards. You can also create a repeatable pattern by combining text and numbers. Custom patterns work with dates as well. In this case, April 1st and April 8th are Mondays, and the fill handle will count by seven, entering a series of Mondays. We can use the same approach to enter a list of dates for the first day of each month, or the last day of each month.

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