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This is available as an add-in for excel 2010 professional plus or 2013 and comes already built in for Excel 2016. You can download Excel Power Query here from Microsoft. Unfortunately, if you’re not running Excel 2010 professional plus or 2013, then you will need to upgrade to Excel 2016 in order to use this feature as it’s not available for previous versions of Excel. Mac user are also out of luck. There are both a 32-bit and 64-bit versions and which one you choose will depend on the version of Excel which you have installed.

Excel 2010

To check what version you have:

Excel 2013

To check what version you have:

Excel 2016

Power query comes pre-installed in Excel 2016 but has been renamed to “Get & Transform” and is under the Data tab in the ribbon. If you have Excel 2016, then you don’t need to do anything to use it.

Download The Add-In

Go to the Microsoft website:

Select The Correct Version

Run The Setup Wizard

Make sure Excel is closed and then click the download from the download bar from your browser.

Follow The Setup

Follow the steps in the Setup Wizard.

Power Query Is Now Ready To Use

Now the next time you open up Excel, Power Query will be available to use under its own tab.