Let’s take a look. Here we have the custom pivot table style that we created and applied to this pivot table earlier. We’d like to use this same style in a different workbook. But when we check the pivot table styles menu in that workbook, the custom style is not listed, and there is no obvious way to import or copy the style.  To make this pivot table style available in another workbook, just follow this simple workaround. First, select the entire pivot table. You can use the Select menu on the Options tab of the PivotTable Tools Ribbon. Choose Select, and then Entire PivotTable. Next, copy the pivot table to the clipboard. Now navigate to the other workbook and create a new blank worksheet. Then, paste the pivot table into the new worksheet. The custom style will be created as you paste. Now check that the custom style is available on the Design tab of the PivotTable Tools ribbon. You should see the new style in the workbook. With the custom style available in the second workbook, you can now remove the pasted pivot table. Just right-click the worksheet and choose Delete. You can now apply the custom style to your pivot table. Just select any cell in the table, and apply the style normally.

Dave Bruns

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