I often use scatter chart with many data points. One of the most irritating things is to spot the data point in Excel chart. Excel does not give you a way to display the names of the data points. While there are many add-ins available to do this, I will show you a super cool (without add-in) workaround to spot the data point you are looking for. Something as shown below: This technique instantly gives you a way to identify the company’s position in the scatter chart.

Spot Data Point in Excel Scatter Chart

This will create a simple scatter chart for you. Now comes the interesting part – creating the marker to spot your selected company. This has 3 parts to it:

2.1 – Create a Drop Down List with Company (data point) Names

2.2 – Extracting the Values for the Selected Company

2.3 – Creating the Spotter

That’s it. You have it ready. Now you can select a company and it would circle and highlight the company. Cool isn’t it? Note: If you have a lot of data points, your highlighter may get hidden behind the data points. In this case, simply put it on secondary axis, and ensure that setting are same for primary and secondary axis Try it yourself.. Download the file

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