Let’s take a look. Like our previous examples, we have a simple worksheet that highlights several cell references. Following the instructions in the table, let’s build the formulas we need using division. The first formula doesn’t use any cell references. We just input = 10 / 2, which gives a result of five. The second example is D6 divided by 7, so we need to use both a number and a cell reference. We enter = D6  / 7 and get 3. For C9 divided by H11, we enter = C9 / H11 which gives us -2. The last example, H8 divided by F7, produces a “divide by zero” error, since it’s not possible to divide a number by zero. When using division, you may see a VALUE error if any cells contain text. Blank values or values of zero will cause a “divide by zero” error if they are being used as the denominator.

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