When to use Excel RANK Function

RANK function can be used when you want to rank a number against a list of numbers.

What it Returns

It returns a number that represents the relative rank of the number against the list of numbers.


=RANK(number, ref, [order])

Input Arguments

number – the number that you want to rank. ref – the list of numbers against which you want to rank the number argument. It could be a range of cells or an array. [order] – (optional) a number that specifies how to rank (ascending or descending order)

Additional Notes

If Order is: 0 or omitted – Highest number gets 1st rank. 1 – Lowest numbers gets 1st rank. Duplicate values get the same rank. If there are 2 numbers with the 2nd rank, the next number gets a rank of 4. Similarly if 2 numbers have the 2nd rank, the next number gets a rank of 4. Microsoft team has introduced a new function RANK.EQ. It works exactly the same way as RANK function. MS team encourages to use this new function for improved accuracy. RANK function has been retained for backward compatibility.

Excel RANK Function – Live Example

Excel RANK Function – Video Tutorial

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