When to use Excel TEXT Function

Excel TEXT function can be used when you want to convert a number to text format and display it in a specified format.

What it Returns

It returns text in the specified format.


=TEXT(value, format_text)

Input Arguments

value –  the number that you want to convert into text. format_text – the format in which you want to display the number.

Additional Notes

This is a useful function when there is a need to show numbers in a format, or a need to combine numbers with text/symbols. For example, if you have a value 2000 in cell A1. and you want to show the text – The Sales were $2,000, you can use the following formula: =”The Sales were “&TEXT(A1,”$#,###”) The numbers are converted to text, and hence can not be used in calculations. If you need to use these numbers in formulas/calculations, use custom number formatting.

Excel TEXT Function – Live Example

Excel TEXT Function – Video Tutorial

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