In the pivot table shown, there are four fields in the source data: Date, Sales, Week, and Filter. Filter is a helper column with a formula flagging the last 4 weeks. Week is a helper column that returns the Monday for any given date (for convenience only). Sales is the value field, and Week has been added as a Row field to group by week:


The formula used in D5 (Week), copied down, is: This formula returns the Monday of week for any given date. The formula used in E5 (Filter), copied down, is: This formula checks for dates in the last n weeks. It returns TRUE when a date is in the last 4 complete weeks, and FALSE if not. See the link for a full explanation.

Customizing week count

To customize the weeks displayed, adjust the Filter formula as needed to increase or decrease days. For example, to display the last 6 weeks (42 days), use:



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