In this blog post, I will show you various ways to use the HYPERLINK function to send emails from Excel. There is also a bonus Email Generator Excel Template available for download at the end of this post. Let me first explain the Hyperlink function:

=HYPERLINK(link_location, [friendly_name]

link_location: This is a mandatory argument where you give the link of a cell, worksheet, workbook, or an external URL. friendly_name: This is optional, and displays the text which is hyperlinked to the specified location.

Send Email from Excel

Coming back to how to send email from excel, you can use the fact that hyperlink can handle “mailto” URL property and can be used to make a hyperlink that would automatically construct the email. Here is how you can construct a formula to create various components of the email.

Single Recipient Email Id

This would open the email client with the email id in the ‘To’ field.

Multiple Recipients Email Id

For sending the email to multiple recipients, use comma to separate email ids. This would open the email client with all the email ids in the ‘To’ field.

Add Recipients in CC and BCC List

To add recipients to CC and BCC list, use question mark ‘?’ when ‘mailto’ argument ends, and join CC and BCC with ‘&’. Now when you click on the link in excel, it would have the first 2 ids in ‘To’ field, in ‘CC’ field and in the ‘BCC’ field.

Add Subject Line

You can add a subject line by using the &Subject code. In this case, this would add ‘Excel is Awesome’ in the ‘Subject’ field.

Add Single Line Message in Body

This would add a single line ‘I love Excel’ to the email message body.

Add Multiple Lines Message in Body

To add multiple lines in the body you need to separate each line with %0A. If you wish to introduce 2 line breaks, add %0A twice, and so on.

BONUS – Email Generator Tool in Excel

Now that you know how to send emails from Excel, it is not rocket science to create a simple tool that can generate an email with a single click. I have created a template where you need not worry about memorizing the syntax. Just type the email ids, subject line, and message, and this will automatically do it for you.

Download Email Generator Excel Tool
Note: This works only when you have a default email client set in your system (such as Outlook, Lotus Notes, Gmail). If the email client is not set, this may not work.

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cheers I regularly send out a “club” newsletter and include Yes & No RSVP links that generate a easy way for the recipient to reply. At the moment I write the whole mailto links manually in a text editor and then copy and paste them as hyperlinks into the email with the newsletter. If I can customise the spreadsheet to suit my needs it would save me a lot of time each month. Thanks 1 NISHA PATHAK MUKESH PATHAK OBC 12th 8435137818 2 MADHU CHANDRAKAR DASHRATH LAL CHANDRAKAR OBC 12th 9977020227 3 SUSHMA CHANDRAKAR BABU LAL CHANDRAKAR OBC 12th 7089407553 4 SONMAT DHRUW DHASUN RAM DHRUW ST 12th 7354356854 5 BHUNESHWARI DEWANGAN GOVIND DEWANGAN OBC 8th 8871047773 6 SHOBHA RAJPUT MUNIR RAJPUT OBC 5th 7879006008 7 SONIYA BARIK AASHRIT BARIK OBC 12th 9926753989 8 MANJULATA PATEL AMLESH PATEL OBC 10th 8602373206 9 SUKVANTIN BAI LALIT DHRUW ST 8th 7354818561 10 PILESHWARI DHRUW ASHOK KUMAR DHRUW ST 12th 9329361963 11 SUSHILA DHRUW LOCHAN DHRUW ST 12th 7354105757 12 RITU VAISHNAV NAGENDRA VAISHNAV OBC 10th 8959745123 13 NANDANI VISHVKARMA HEMANT VISHVKARMA OBC 10th 9575528821 14 LATA YADAW CHANDU YADAW OBC 10th 7415884170 15 UMA SAHU SANJAY SAHU OBC 12th 8889637598 16 NAVNIT KAUR KALYAN SING KAUR OBC 12th 9009151220 17 CHANDRAKALA TANDI CHINTA RAM TANDI SC 10th 9926709810 18 TORAN MAHANAND PAWAN SING MAHANAND SC 10th 9753318605 19 TARUNA KUMAR SURESH KUMAR SC 10th 9575765262 20 MANJU MAHANAND SARJU MAHANAND SC 12th 7697069210 21 BHARTI NAGESH GOPAL NAGESH SC 10th 8889052477 22 RAJNI SONWANI GOPAL SONWANI SC 12th 23 KIRAN CHAUHAN KISHAN LAL CHAUHAN SC 12th 8889623421 24 KANCHAN CHAUHAN VINOD CHAUHAN SC 10th 8602255781 25 SUNITA SIKA GULAB SIKA SC 10th 26 SIMRAN TANDI KUNURAM TANDI SC 12th 7566676234 27 RUKHMANI TANDI BRIZLAL TANDI SC 12th 8463039313 28 DIPIKA CHAUHAN KISHOR CHAUHAN SC 12th 9755175440 29 SARITA TANDI DINESH TANDI SC 12th 7089102231 30 NIKITA TANDI RAJKUMAR TANDI SC 12th 8962519302 31 RUCHIKA NEHA QLAIV SANJAY QLAIV ISAI 12th 8223982695 32 KIRAN DHRUW LOCHAN DHRUW ST 10th 7354105757 33 ISHWARI BHATT RAMKUMAR BHATT OBC 12th 8120285106 34 AARTI CHANDRAKAR NARESH CHANDRAKAR OBC 10th 8435800606 35 BHARTI JAIN HARISH JAIN OBC 12th 9575156411 36 JIGYASA SHRIVASTAV JITENDRA SHRIVASTAV OBC 10th 9753860463 37 DIPTI SAHU RAVI SHANKAR SAHU OBC 12th 9753217676 38 LAXMI SAHU MANOHAR LAL SAHU OBC 12th 9926164827 39 NITU YADAW SHANKARLAL YADAW OBC 12th 8085881425 40 RUCHI DEWANGAN RAJESH DEWANGAN OBC 12th 7772056017 41 GARIMA BHATT HEMANT BHATT OBC 10th 8109890430 42 JYOTI SHARMA PARAS SHARMA OBC 10th 7049023235 43 RINU SAMANTRAY SUSHIL SAMANTRAY OBC 10th 7697982949 insert a picture from a location in the pc. Greetings of the day Its a good informative without VBA, I am looking such solution I have Query can we insert a range of cells in the body of the Email example i am looking Hi Team Need your ……. template: 1 2 3 4 5 6 attached 1 2 3 Regards Dutt =”1. “&A1&CHAR(10)&”2. “&A2 Char(10) here would work as Alt + Enter. In the similar fashion, you can create for multiple items. Did you find a work around? Have you managed to find a workaround for this? Many thanks,