where D5:D11 is formatted with the “Wingdings” font. which displays a checkmark when the font is “Wingdings”. When a cell contains any other value, IF returns an empty string (""). Note the IF functions is not case-sensitive. Important: cells in column D must be formatted with the “Wingdings” font for this to work. Excel’s CODE and CHAR functions allow you to work with ASCII codes for characters directly in a formula. You can use this same approach to display any symbol or character you like with a formula.

On a Mac

On a Mac, use 159 to get a checkmark with Wingdings:

Plain text checkmark

You can also try just a plain text checkmark like this: ✓ The display on Windows and Mac versions of Excel is more primitive, but it gets the job done without using Wingdings.

With conditional formatting

You can also use Excel’s built-in conditional formatting icons to show a checkmark, but you don’t have much flexibility. For a complete run-down on conditional formatting with formulas, with many examples, see this page.

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