If you want to work more efficiently, then learning keyboard shortcuts is the way to go. Keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time and make your workday easier. You’ll be able to learn all the keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Excel with this complete guide. You’ll be able to navigate through your files faster and get more done in less time. Check out our full guide today and start using keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Excel! Be sure to check out the complete list of VBA keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Excel as well for more useful keyboard shortcuts!

Keyboard Shortcuts to Copy and Paste

These shortcuts are mostly for copying and pasting objects in the worksheet such as cells, ranges, tables, and pivot tables. We can use paste special on other objects like charts and shapes, but the options available in this menu are different.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Editing Data and Formulas

These shortcuts are for entering and editing data and formula while in a worksheet or during editing when your cursor is active in the formula bar.

Keyboard Shortcuts for the Excel Window

These shortcuts are for interacting with the Excel window to close, move and resize it.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Find and Replace

These shortcuts are for using Excel’s Find and Replace more efficiently.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Formatting Cells

Proper formatting can make all the difference when it comes to how readable a workbook is. These shortcuts will make adding common format types quick and effortless!

Keyboard Shortcuts for Formula Auditing

These shortcuts are essential to know if you’re trying to track down an error in your formula or trying to understand a formula that’s been written by someone else.

Keyboard Shortcuts with the Function Keys

Here is a collection of various shortcuts involving the function keys found at the very top of your keyboard.

Here are a variety of shortcuts for working with hyperlinks and comments.

Keyboard and Mouse Shortcut Combinations

These shortcuts involve a combination of using the keyboard with the mouse.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Manual Recalculation

These shortcuts are for forcing Excel to (re)calculate formulas and can be very useful if your workbook is set to manual calculation mode.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Moving Through a Worksheet

Relying on the mouse to move around your workbooks can be slow. Speed things up with these shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Moving Within a Selected Range

Use these shortcuts to move the active cell within your selected range.

Other Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

A collection of other useful shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Working with Pivot Tables

These shortcuts are for pivot tables. You can also use some of the shortcuts found in the Table and Filters section with the filters found in your pivot tables.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Selecting Cells in the Worksheet

Shortcuts for selecting cells or ranges in your worksheet.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Special Symbols and Characters

Excel has a ton of special characters that can be accessed from Insert > Symbols in the ribbon. If you use some of these frequently, it’s worth remembering the shortcut for them. Hold Alt, type the number sequence, and then release Alt. This is not even close to the complete list. Try any four number combination and see what it results in.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Tables and Filters

A selection of shortcuts for working with tables and filters.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Working with Rows and Columns

Shortcuts to hide, unhide, delete and insert rows or columns in your worksheet.