Today there is no excel tip in this message. Just a plain and simple THANK YOU!! It is you who makes this initiative special, and I hope what I do makes you better and more successful in your professional and personal work. I want to take this opportunity to share what we have achieved so far. Here are some key stats, and given that Trump Excel is only one year old, these look pretty staggering to me (especially as I never thought that the response would be so awesome)

of Posts – 85 (~7 posts per month) # of Comments – 99 (these include my responses as well) # of Views – ~28,000 (wuhoooo.. ticking as you read) # of Email Subscriber – 253 (what’s amazing is that half of these subscriptions have come in past 30 days) # of Twitter Followers – 152 (pretty excellent gang out there) # of Facebook Followers – 97 # of YouTube videos – 58 (I really think I am getting better at this 😉 )

Good question.

My first priority for this year would be to continue to provide amazing tips on Excel. Despite my full-time job, I am committed to writing 1-2 posts per week. I have now started to add videos along with the blog posts. You will see an uptick in video numbers on my YouTube channel. There are some fantastic Excel articles (and sources) out there, and I scan these on a daily basis. Going forward, I will share 4-5 good articles (in a single post) with you every week. I am also thinking about an online Excel course. I will update you soon as the idea hatches (your suggestions would be invaluable)

I would continue to reach out to you through emails and social media. You can follow Trump Excel on Twitter, Facebook, and/or YouTube. If you want me write more on some topics, reach out to me at, or leave a comment. Remember, together we can Trump Excel 🙂 I also have a favor to ask? If you enjoy the Excel work on this website, share this with your friends/colleagues who you think can benefit from it. Keep Learning..Keep Sharing!!

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