which returns 25, the height in column B for model H in row 12. In the example shown, we are looking for the weight associated with Model H in row 12. The formula in H6 is:

The lookup_value comes from cell H4 The lookup_array is the range E5:E14, which contains Model The return_array is B5:B14, which contains Weight The match_mode is not provided and defaults to 0 (exact match) The search_mode is not provided and defaults to 1 (first to last)

Lookup multiple values

XLOOKUP can return more than one value at a time from the same matching record. The formula in cell G9 is: which returns the Height, Weight, and Price of Model H in an array that spills into the range G9:H9. The only difference from the formula above is that return_array is entered as a range that contains more than one column, B5:D14.

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